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What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management what is crm

“What is CRM?” can be one question that’s been bugging you since you started your business or expanded it. Customer relationship management, aka CRM, refers to technologies, strategies, and practices that organizations use to handle and examine data and customer interactions throughout the lifecycle of customers, enhance customer’s business relationships, drive sales growth, and assist […]

Top Sales Books

Top Sales Books top sales book

Our list of top sales books is sales are the lifeline of every business. As an owner, head of sales, or part of the sales team, your primary focus is the number. If you are a good, natural salesperson, you will enjoy and prosper; however, it can be a nightmare if you are not. Let […]

Sales funnel Stages

Sales funnel Stages sales-funnel-marketing

The sales funnel helps an organization visualize its customer’s journey before and after-sales. There are many free sales funnel templates available for entrepreneurs looking for help to define their sales funnel stages. You can download our sales funnel template, customize and start using it within your organization. Alternatively, you can create sales funnel within our […]

7 effective steps for setting smarter sales goals in 2022

7 effective steps for setting smarter sales goals in 2022 steps to set sales goals

If the sales representative of your company has only one objective, meeting the quota, they are selling themselves short. Make sure that your salesperson has a number of goals are it weekly or monthly. Only then you can increase the odds of them meeting a more significant amount in their sales. Even a smaller goal […]

What are inside sales?

What are inside sales? what are inside sales

So what exactly is the idea behind INSIDE SALES? Inside sales mean the sales of goods or services with the help of salesmen, who instead of meeting customers face-to-face, reach them online or by phone. Previously, the idea behind sales was exchanging goods and services with something of equal value. As the competitors increased in […]

Ten best sales movies for salespeople for 2022

Ten best sales movies for salespeople for 2022 best sales movies for salespeople

There is a lot of negative connotation associated with salespeople, but salespeople are influencers. It is fair to say that salespeople have shaped our world more than anyone. If you are in sales and looking for motivation, our list of top 10 best movies about salesmen will motivate, teach and entertain you. The Wolf Of […]