what does cold calling mean

What does cold calling mean?

A lot of people have a question and confusion around what does cold calling mean. Cold calling is when you call someone you have had no prior contacts to convince them to purchase your products or services.

A tried and tested method; still seems to work for people with a suitable skill set. Before the boom of the internet and internet marketing, cold calling was one of the marketing strategies where the ROI was measurable.

History of cold calling

Before the desktop computer, cold calling was introduced, and after a decade of it, companies would hand out the yellow pages to their sales team and ask them to call on the numbers.

For salespeople, the phone was a breakthrough technology that enabled them to reach several people within a short period compared to the door-to-door sales.

The companies were able to measure their ROI compared with other forms of advertisement like TV, radio, print media, etc.

VOIP, dialer, and its types

With the introduction of affordable desktops and the internet, businesses were looking for a breakthrough technology in telemarketing, and that day was here with a “Dialer.”

The productivity went through the roof. The dialer would eliminate manual dialing; the software would dial it for you.

VOIP (voice over internet protocol) would significantly bring down the cost of telemarketing, which was high when using a landline. In addition, the dialer was an excellent solution for its time as the operational cost was reducing and productivity was increasing.

Let’s look at the different types of dialers we have so far.

1. Manual dialer:

A manual dialer is a traditional way of calling and cannot be eliminated ever. However, manual dialing is applicable in a scenario when you are cold calling a medium-large corporate.

You need to do manual dialing because you want to do some research about the business and who is who in the company.

2. Predictive dialer:

A predictive dialer has an algorithm to predict when an agent will be available to take a call; based on that, it dials multiple numbers at one go.

It will connect a live call with an agent as soon as it is available and abandons a call if none of the agents are available.

3. Power dialer:

Power dialer, just like a predictive dialer, dials multiple calls, but unlike predictive, it does so only if an agent is available. You can define the number of numerous calls in the calls-to-agent ratio.

Cold calling as of now

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Many will claim that the cold calling is dead; however that is far from the truth.

The lead generation companies still deploy predictive dialers to generate massive leads and meet the demand.

Cold calling will never be dead and will always remain an option because it brings instant results with a low ROI.