Best Instagram campaigns

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the best marketing sites to advertise your product. It can potentially make your product explode in the market. Humor aside, Instagram has become the default visual marketing option, with more than 600 million users exchanging videos and pics daily.

What makes Instagram the best option is its visual aspect, and the creativity you can see marketers use to advertise their best Instagram campaigns will leave you in awe.

It might not be as easy for a business to keep up with the trends that seem to keep changing in a matter of seconds. But here in this article, we have come up with a breakdown of some of the best Instagram campaigns and getaway messages you can learn from.

Creating a successful Instagram campaign requires a well-thought-out strategy, engaging content, and a deep understanding of your target audience. While there is no one-size-fits-all formula for the best Instagram campaigns, several key elements can contribute to their success.

Strategies for creating successful Instagram campaigns

Location-based promotions

When promoting your product on a visual platform, the location of the pictures matters. It is true that a pic shot inside four walls can proliferate on social media; the possibility is much greater when you pick a decent location.

Media influencer

This technique is best. Instagram campaigns are not anything new in the market. It is probably one of the most used strategies that, to date, works like a charm. It is unquestionable that the product boosts social media reach and sales when it is ambassador by a media influencer, who is most often a celebrity with some connection to the area.

Politics and humanity

You can not go wrong when you link your product to a good cause. It is always suitable for the audience to feel right about their actions when connected with a social purpose. When Instagram campaigns play around recent political or social issues, it is evident that it is more likely to go viral and reach many peoples.

Discount and promotional pricing links

One out of the box is to use discount and promotional links in the photos shared on Instagram. This is especially relevant in cases of merchandise. Along with captivating the audience’s interests, it can turn engagement into conversion.

Giveaways and hashtags

Giveaways are always appreciated. After all, who does not want free things? The best Instagram campaigns that are associated with giveaways grow, and hashtags are useful tools, too. When used creatively, hashtags can be an excellent tool for gaining reach.

Story tell

The art of storytelling is what can give you unprecedented reach. Human minds love stories. Stories make us feel good. When you show your creativity, it will touch the audience’s heart. Even if it can’t ensure hard sales, engagement is almost guaranteed.

Call to action

Using the call to action, you can efficiently turn engagement into a hard sell or take them to the promotional pricing page. As the name mentions, you can call people to complete an action, how and for what you can use that; the opportunities are too many.

Ways of the pros


When you launch the best Instagram campaigns that are associated with politics, there is always the chance that things will go askew. That did not happen in the case of the Airbnb campaign that managed to dance around the trending events. Though there is no direct statement that the campaign is addressing, it is loud and clear that the Airbnb campaign has a political shade. The best Instagram campaigns feature people from different places and backgrounds and the hashtag #weaccept

The Super Bowl commercial by Airbnb, the 30-second ad, a last-minute addition to the commercial line-up, featured a diverse array of faces as words strung out: “We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, we all belong. “The world is more beautiful the more you accept,” followed by the hashtag #weaccept, and the ad got tons of positive responses from people and celebrities all around.


The best Instagram campaigns of Amazon were an excellent way to express gratitude towards the audience by rating the online sales giant to get the top spot in corporate reputation. Amazon did not attempt any razzle-dazzle. They merely posted a single pic that displayed their reputation ranking, including a caption to the image thanking customers and informing them about a new discount they wanted to give to celebrate their victory.

What reduces this best Instagram campaign as a great campaign is that it is a discount. Turning Instagram engagements into a successful conversion is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Amazon showed that it could be done smoothly with the assistance of discount codes and promotional pricing page links. Not only does this sort of promotion benefit the audience via discounts, but it also helps cement the bond between the business and its customers. Well played, Amazon!

Ryu apparels

The hashtag strategy is one of the most often used strategies to boost engagement and spread content. It is more engaging when you can successfully link it up with a giveaway.

And that is how the athleisure RYU was able to pull off. The #Whatsinyourbag hashtag was the one used by RYU. RYU focuses on collecting user-generated content (UGC) from their followers, creating the best Instagram campaigns where you post photos of what is in your gym bag with RYU’s branded hashtag, #Whatsin your bag?

Users who share posts with enter to win prizes from RYU apparel.

Let us not fail to mention the Instagram Stories RYU used to promote their hashtag, which helped them spread further among Instagram users!

As we’ve written before, running an Instagram contest is an incredibly efficient way to engage your target audience and spread the word about your brand. Take a page from RYU’s book and share your campaign on regular Instagram posts and Instagram Stories.


Disney is a brand recognized by all. In their best Instagram campaigns, Disney used influencers. They got actor Luke Evans to promote the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film with an Instagram takeover. Evans posted images throughout the day of his time at the film’s world premiere, sharing them with Disney’s massive Instagram following.

Hosting an influencer takeover is an Instagram strategy proven to be productive repeatedly. It draws the influencer’s following to your account and helps you reach additional target market segments. The posts give your followers a (much-welcome) break from your regular Instagram content and are often more engaging based solely on their subject matter. Look for influencers within your target market and contact them for your next takeover!

Forever 21

Forever21 is a brand that’s mastered Instagram marketing. Beyond its impressive mix of original and user-generated content, Forever21 is an expert at the Instagram sale. How? Forever21 utilizes a monetization platform called Like2buy, which helps it turn the engagement and interactions it garners on the visual content platform into sales. As you can see in the image below, Like2buy takes Forever21’s photos and links each item to the relevant store page.

Forever 21 makes sure to include a CTA in each of their photo captions (“Shop link in bio”) to ensure each follower knows where to find each item. Using a monetization platform is the most straightforward and efficient way to drive sales from Instagram – it’s an excellent option for any e-commerce business.

Tarte Cosmetics Event Marketing

Like Glossier, Tarte Cosmetics did something extraordinary this year. In late January, the beauty products company flew a gang of makeup and fitness influencers to Hayman Island off the coast of Australia and followed up with trips to the Florida Keys and the Maldives.

These trips were branded with the hashtag #TrippinWithTarte and included many Instagrammable excursions, like morning yoga, hikes, candlelight dinners, and massages.

Not only did the campaign provide Tarte Cosmetics with a ton of content for their account, but the influencers they brought with them (who were picked strategically based on their industry niche and follower count) also posted a ton of content. As a result, Tarte was able to reach thousands of new users in a concise period.


ASOS’s Instagram strategy is one of a kind. Instead of merely partnering with influencers to create sponsored posts, ASOS goes further and creates “sponsored accounts” for its influencers, like @asos_ashley and @asos_megan. These accounts are run by the influencers (who also have their well-known accounts, of course) but differ slightly in that they primarily feature ASOS clothing.

This is an exciting strategy because it pulls influencers’ existing followings to new accounts with content more relevant to the specific brand. Influencer marketing, in this way, helps ASOS widen its reach significantly through its influencer marketing efforts.

ASOS’ Advertising Campaign

Like Glossier and Fashion Nova, ASOS’s success has much to do with its Instagram marketing strategy. In fact, according to Leila Thabet, the content and engagement director at ASOS, Instagram is a key channel for the online fashion retailer. “We’ve seen great success over the past year with landing our brand messaging through video content formats […] with Instagram Stories,” says Thabet.

In January, ASOS became one of the first businesses to launch an advertising campaign on Instagram Stories by creating a series of ads that immersed its fashion-conscious audience into the ASOS brand.

And it was hugely successful! The campaign focused on brand awareness rather than pushing sales messaging or specific products. According to Instagram’s business blog, the ads resulted in a 14-point lift in ad recall in the UK and a 7-point increase in brand awareness in the US.

This shows how effective Instagram ads can be for businesses trying to grow their brand awareness.

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