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What is an SEO Services?

More than 63,000 searches are happening on Google every second? Everyone, including you, use search engines to look up for information online and end up buying from one of the ranking sites. This is the power of the search engine and the benefit of ranking on it.

Companies that are using SEO as a marketing strategy see a return of 200-300%. We can help your business rank on search engines flooding your sales funnel with warm leads. 

A professional SEO agency researches on your ideal client’s need, the motivation that leads to purchase and identify quick wins for you.


Top Benefits of Organic Ranking


More Leads

SEO helps you target and attract high-quality leads who are actively looking to learn, decide, and purchase a solution.

It is the most humble type of marketing without interrupting and annoying anyone. You are there when people are looking for you.

It means you have their full attention, and they want to hear what you have to say.

brand awareness

Brand Awareness

SEO helps you achieve multiple objectives without breaking the bank.

Brand awareness is one of them.

When people search for a solution and see your site, they become familiar with your company.

The higher ranking instills trust and credibility. It directly impacts conversion and fills your funnel.

Budget Friendly

If you are wondering, it will cost a fortune to get rankings on a search engine, you are wrong!

SEO is a budget-friendly marketing endeavor. Unlike paid ads with SEO, you are not wasting money on getting in front of people who have no interest in your offering.

SEO has the best ROI, and you are investing money on people that matter.

Effective process with rock solid sops

our Search Engine Optimization Process

Phase I
Our discovery phase of SEO is about gaining an in-depth understanding of where you stand and the competitive landscape.

1. SEO Audit: We first start by analyzing your site's current organic performance by collecting data with various tools.

2. Competitive analysis: We look at your top ranking competitor's website, record multiple data points to reverse engineer your competitors strategy.

3. Formulate Strategy: Based on the data we've collected about your site and the competitor's site, we create a custom strategy for gaining ranks. We will share it with you before executing it.
Phase II
In this our phase II we are completely focused on improving various aspects of your site that are backbone of a successful SEO campaign

1) Technical SEO Audit: Our team of experts work on fixing issues discovered based on our technical audit. They ensure your site is built as per the Google

2) Website Quality Audit: We comb through the site and find low-quality content that hurts your rankings and finds pages with quick SEO wins.

3) Keyword Research: Keywords are the foundation of any successful campaign. Keyword research helps us understand what people are typing to find the services or products you are offering.
Planning & Creation
Phase III
During the phase our team is focused on identify, plan and create a year long plan for your website

1) Identify Keyword Intent: We will assign intent to the keywords we have researched for you. Our team will then create content for your blog for the top of the funnel intent.

2) New Page Creation: We create landing pages for the bottom of the funnel with the best industry practice.
Planning & Creation
Phase IV
It is perhaps one of the most important phases in the the whole SEO process.

1) Link Prospecting: With the help of the tools at our disposal we will analyze the sites that are best suited for you. We'll then build a massive list that we know are best for pushing your rankings

2) Link Outreach: Our team will then start reaching out to all the sites we have identified as relevant. We will pitch them for the inclusion of a backlink.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a website design project cost?

We wish we can tell you a fixed “X” amount for the project but unfortunately it won’t be true. Building a website has a lot of moving parts. It is more complex then it sounds. 

The minimum we charge our client is $2,500 per website. Based on the further understanding of your requirement and hours of work that goes into building a revenue-generating machine for you the cost may go higher. 

What does SEO friendly site mean?

When any web designing agency says the website will be SEO friendly, it means that your site will be crawlable by the search engine. The sites structure is made including the code is done in such a way that it is easier for the search engine crawlers to discover the intended page on your site.

Please note that it is only one vital part of the ranking. If you want to gain rankings for keywords you will have to work on other factors. You can hire our SEO specialist, too.