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Customize and Affordable Web Designs for your brand

I know how important it is to have a presence online to drive sales and customer loyalty, but not everybody can afford to build a website.

It costs a lot, and not everyone has that kind of budget. I was at the stage where you are now. My goal behind creating Crazy Media Design is to help local business owners gain more exposure and expand their business.

It is one reason why I am offering a professional cheapest website design for a minimal number of entrepreneurs.

The idea behind the cheapest website design is to help businesses who need a bit of boost to take their business off the ground.

Please remember, even if I would love to, I can’t help everyone as I have mouths to feed, bills to pay, and other financial obligations. That is one of the reasons why this is limited to a few businesses.

We follow industry BEST PRACTICES

Optimized for best performance and experience

responsive website


With the constant increase in the number of users using a mobile device to access your website, a responsive website is a must.

We design responsive sites that resize the best view and user experience depending on the screen size of the device.

Search Engine Friendly

SEO is an essential strategy for marketing 

We create logical site-architecture making it easier for crawlers to discover your pages so that you don’t miss on ranking opportunities.

Your site will be fully optimized for on-page SEO.

pagespeed improved

Blazing Fast

The attention span of internet users is decreasing and they are becoming less and less patient.

The page speed of your website not only boosts your ranking but the study shows the conversion rate increases by 2% for every 1 sec improvement.

Features in our cheapest Website Design Services

WordPress Website: WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). It is a software to build a website and manage contents. WordPress powers more than 26.4% of online sites.

Responsive and mobile-friendly: Nearly 60% of people use mobile phones to surf the internet, search, browse the website, and view content. It becomes crucial for a website to provide a consistent experience across all the devices (desktop, smartphone, and tablet). Responsive websites are smart. It quickly detects the device’s size accessing the site and resizes itself for the best possible view.

Pages of your choice: You have the liberty to decide which pages you would like to have on your website. You will have a mandatory home page. For the rest of the page, you decide to have an about us page, a contact us page, or a dedicated service page. It is your choice; however, the number of pages is limited as per the plan.

Blog: We will set up a blog for your website, which is crucial for ranking on search engines. Blogs are the resources you post your content, which helps your website rank on search engines and attract visitors.

SEO Friendly + On-page SEO: We will create a website with page speed, and mobile usability optimized, one of the crucial factors for search engine ranking. We will ensure that you have correctly structured URL, meta description, proper keyword density, title tags, and image alt tags. We will also install Yoast on your website, which is a popular plugin for SEO.

Free Basic Logo Design: We will design a free basic logo for your website. We allow only two revisions for the logo. If you do not like the logo, you have the option to buy a professional one for your business.

Basic Security: Every online website is vulnerable to attacks. We will take precautionary measures to secure your website.

SSL Installation: SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s used to ensure any information sent across the internet is encrypted and secure. The data submitted on the internet travels from one computer to another before reaching the intended server. The encryption ensures that the information sent is confidential and only the intended recipient has access to the data. Please note if the website is hosted on a third party server, we may not offer you a free SSL. It is valid for those who decide to host the website with us.

One Year Free Hosting: We provide free hosting for one year for Selecting the Essential Pro plan. The Basic Plan will cost you $199 per year, and for Essential Plan, it will cost only $120 per year.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free and useful tool for site owners who take their website seriously. It allows you to get an in-depth analysis of visitors to your website. It shows you where the visitors are coming from, which page they are going to, and much other useful information. We will set up a Google Analytics account for you and install the codes on your website. You will need to have a Google account to use Google Analytics.

Google Search Console: Google Search Console is another and essential free tool from Google. It gives you a plethora of useful statistics about your website’s performance. It will show you issues that may be preventing Google from indexing your site.

Social Media Integration: Your website will have social media icons. When the site visitor clicks on the image, it will direct them to your official social media channels.

Chat ( We will install a chat application provided by on your website. If you wish to communicate with visitors on your website and maximize the conversion, it is the best tool. is free to use.

Content: None of the plans include any content (text, video, or pictures). It is your obligation to provide us with the content for the completion of your website.

Keyword Research: Our team will research the keywords your target audience uses to find businesses like yours. The best thing is we will not provide you with any keyword but the low hanging fruits which can help your website rank quickly. Please bear in mind that the ranking is dependant on a lot of other factors, including how often you are posting content on your blog.

Google Business Listing: We will register your business on Google Business Listing or claim if your business is already in it but unclaimed.

Email Address: We will provide you with an email address based on your domain. The number of users will depend on your plan.

EASY to UNDERstand Web Designing Process

Overview of our web design process

Phase I
It is essential for every business to have a consistent brand image across various platforms. It starts with your website.

The objective of the discovery call is to interview you and understand your goals, customers, and brand voice. We then dive deep into value differentiation between you and your competitors.

We document the whole conversation with a clear and concise understanding of what has to be achieved. We then make sure our web designers and developers have a clear understanding of the vision.

It is the most important phase of the whole process.

Phase II
We will work on concept design which includes the layout, fonts. navigation and color.

This is just to give you an idea of how your website will look like. We will do the unlimited revision until you approve of it.
Phase III
After you approve the sample web design, we will work on other pages like about us, service, contact us, etc.

After we have completed the entire site, we will review your website together and make unlimited changes until approved.
Phase IV
The last process is that of making your website live. Once you are happy with the website we have created for you, we will make the website live for your customers to see.

The best part of our service is we offer amazing after-sales service.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website look like a run for a meal website

Even though it is the cheapest website design, I guarantee you it won’t look like one. We take immense pride in our work.

Remember that the website we are creating for you will also be used for the portfolio to show it to our other clients.

We put the same amount of passion that we put into creating websites for our enterprise clients. We are not going to compromise on the quality of the looks.

Why is the price so low?

It’s a great question that I love to answer. In our cheapest website design, we build small business websites on WordPress, a ready to go Content Management System.

For your project, we will customize the looks/design of your website from readymade templates we have. The tweaking includes changing the color of your website, fonts, content placement, images, and more.

To make sure our cheapest website design is affordable we exclude images, and content (text and video) which would have come in general with our other web designing packages. We will strip off unnecessary cost, but we will add additional tools that are essential for your business to grow.

Are there any hidden fees or extra costs?

No, there are no extra charges or hidden costs. You will not be charged anything other than the cost for the package you have chosen. There is a good reason it is the cheapest website design services, it is meant to make it affordable for you.

After your website is completed and live it is yours. You have full control and decide whether you want to host it on your favorite hosting provider and purchase the domain from somewhere else.

We can recommend you the best provider for hosting and domain purchase, too. Under any circumstances, you are under no obligation to purchase either service with us.