How to bring down the cost of building a website?

To start a business, you need an initial investment. Nowadays, the first stage of opening a business is to have a website. The right site is the one that is capable of converting visitors into qualified leads. Suppose you have never done digital marketing before. It will take a lot of time to learn and implement. In any case, if you are a bootstrapping startup, there are things you can do to bring down the cost.

A firm has to dedicate a portion of its budget to marketing. Thus, the website is one of the backbones of digital marketing.

A lot of research goes into creating a website. It includes creating a buyer persona. The web design companies will make your website based on the target audience to whom you will cater. For e.g., Are the ones who will be using your product male or female or both? What is the age group? What niche is it? Based on the information, many components must be customized, including color, fonts, layout, words, etc.

Bringing down the cost of building a website

The price of building a website can vary on your requirements; however, other things influence the pricing too.


Just like experienced employees cost more, hiring a company with experience will. A professional agency will have web design veterans who know the best practices and the best tools to deliver a quality result. If you hire a freelancer, you are more likely to get an affordable rate.


By location, I mean where is the web designing team based. A team in North America and Europe will cost you more; however, you are likely to get quotes up to 50% less for the ones located offshore. If you hire the right agency, you can get a quality similar to the ones onshore.


If the agency writes the content for you, they will charge you. The prices will quickly go up. You can either write the content by yourself, use a freelancing website to hire content writers, or hire an offshore agency for it.

Based on your situation and goals, these are the four factors you can play around with when bargaining the prices.

Factors that increase the cost

Features of your website

A simple five-page website will cost you $1000. If someone is charging you astronomical prices, the best bet is to find other web designing agencies to build it for you within the specified range. However, there is a drawback. When you create a five-page website, you are just burning your money. It’s a car without an engine. You cannot expect any returns. Therefore, building a website that allows you to blog is essential. CMS, like WordPress, is a perfect and affordable option. However, making a website with a complex function will take more time to build, adding more to your bill.


You can purchase hosting by yourself and the domain, reducing your cost. However, it may cost you more if the agency does it for you. In the latter scenario, the agency is likely to be accountable for the smooth functioning of your website, which we highly recommend; however, if you are on a budget, you don’t need to.


All sites are vulnerable to attacks and hacking. None are safe. Simply put, you will need an additional provider, antivirus, for your website to stop them. With it, you are looking at a monthly subscription.

Various features can have an impact on pricing. You must assess your situation and speak with a web design consultant to give you a customized solution.

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