Analogous color palettes in web design

This article focuses on the analogous color palette that uses 2/3 colors near one another on the color wheel, including tints and shades of those colors. An analogous color palette usually uses one shade as the primary color while the others are practiced to improve the scheme.

Nevertheless, there are differences in this plan – for example, when a strong background color such as black is used.  Analogous color schemes also provide richer nuances than monochromatic color schemes.

Tutoring Private Responsive WordPress Theme: Template 45716

Mustard and green with grey specify nurturing, growth, cheerfulness, adaptability, energy, reliability, and wisdom– the best qualities for a coaching website.  The homepage text slider allows you to set clear messages that chat with students and tutors.

A gallery amazingly offers knowledge for scholars in slideshow, image, gallery, audio, and video formats.  A blog provides supplies for parents and students.  The footer in grey showcases classes and locations.


Sweets Candy Responsive Magento Theme: Template 48005

This elegantly designed template for an online store pink-white-maroon makes a pink candy statement with pink ribbons for the pink stitches, menu, panels, prices, white italic images, and text of chiefly pink candy on the slider of the image.

The client finds shopping simply by comparing products and prices, searching, navigating, buying products, and taking an online poll. Highlighted commodities on the homepage lead to rates, details, product slideshows, and shopping carts with image zoom.

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Fashion Style Responsive WordPress Theme: Template 41894

Purple looks magical, sensual, and elegant.  Purple makes a style statement in the captions, header, and footer with a light fuchsia shade in the line of the images and an in-depth fuchsia for the background color of the text body in this template.

Capitals and bold fonts in white fonts present variation.


Adoption Organization Responsive Joomla Template:  Template 51008

In this site for an adoption agency, the shades blend lyrically to give a message of cheer and hope to parents who long to nurture and love a child in their house and to birth parents regarding looking for an adoptive home or abortion.

Yellow tells of happiness; red is love; green spells growth, hope,  joy, fun, and creativity; pink shows calmness, innocence, and affection. Useful articles, Uplifting stories, news, and tips can be shared on the blog and gallery.


Modern Church Responsive WordPress Theme: Template 50457

Green, mustard, and shades of yellow with neutral grey make an uplifting, calming sequence in this site template for a church.  The chief homepage pictures have hover results, and the pictures in circles expand on click.  A green banner highlights verses from the Bible.

Events and news in the church are displayed in the slideshow, image, audio, video, and gallery formats and can be observed by the section.  The website helps the church engage with its people and tell others about their ministry.


Food & Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme: Template 50738

The yellow header grabs the eye immediately with the contrasting orange and red menu drop-downs. Orange hovers request the viewers to click the pictures of the number of ravioli and pasta available while orange buttons here lead to the gallery with orange hovers, with media tent in the slideshow, image, gallery, audio, and video formats.

Clean grey icons open on hover on the homepage, and the text points to the blog with comment boxes.  The footer (orange one) has images with circles that shape parks on hover.

Template 50738 Food Restaurant Responsive WordPress Theme

Outdoorsy Travel WordPress Theme: Template 41896

Blue and purple (the shades of royalty) go well together in this template, with an awning border in the footer, textured background, and a ribbon menu with a ripple effect.

In the slider, the logo, the homepage, the gallery, and the blog, this template uses round design factors consistently all through the site –Circles bring emphasized holiday goals into focus, and when it is clicked, they drive specific information regarding the area and its performances.

The content slider has changing pictures of holiday destinations, with detailed pricing and text. These design factors work together to create an outdoorsy, pleasant holiday feeling.

The gallery in image, video, slideshow, and audio formats can be seen by category. The website has travel articles with comment forms that involve the website visitor.


Hotel Flash CMS Template: Template 49538

The template acts as minimalism in web design with circle shapes and colors, creating the menu on white.  In the mind of the visitor, semi-circles in color form curiosity.

Pictures appear in the circles on hover, with the option to match the drop-down sub-menu. On tapping the images, the page zooms in the screen with big page content in small fine capitals and script headlines.

Circular gallery images expand on tapping and can be seen as a slideshow.


Business Joomla Template with Slider Animation and Gallery: Template 35840

Black is opposed to white with a hint of color, on which black text reaches out in the template. The homepage’s slider has animated images and text in black with a color strip assisting the viewer to Read More.

Slider text is displayed in fine grey capitals. The menu is on color slabs in shades of orange and green with black. The content is displayed in white with colored pictures. The footer’s logos are evident on hover.

The slider text remains on the website with the menu underneath. Projects are represented in a gallery with captions, leading to additional content.


Tea Store Responsive Magento Theme: Template 51120

This template in yellow and green makes a soothing and pleasant blend, with the header graphics extracting the brown of the tea leaves and the golden yellow of the tea brew and the green template components repeating the green tea farm background.

Photo overlaps judiciously utilized in brown and black give a compelling and rich look at the pictures while leading text to stand out in the slider and banners.

Shopping cart buttons and green drop-down menus take a consumer around the website and help her make purchasing decisions.  The yellow keys present more details about the highlighted tea, and clicking it points to a product page with images.

With the shopping cart, price, zoom, and product reviews, participate in polls or opportunities to compare products. Account, checkout, login, language, and currency options are extended at the top.


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