Web design company or a freelance designer?

Web designing covers a vast area with different skills and disciplines in the development of websites. The web designing company is concerned with interface design, graphic design, proprietary software, and search engine optimization.

In the contemporary generation, it barely accentuates if your business lacks online resources. A website is vital for any company. Web designing is not just about the graphics, but it also represents your brand positioning as well.

People often get confused about choosing between a company and a freelancer. It is one of the long-running debates. Each has its benefits and limitations.

Web designing company vs. freelancer

1. Cost

On the one hand, the designing company charges a lot of money for the service; on the other, freelancers will cost you a lot less. The selection of the option prominently depends upon your budget.

Even if the freelancer sounds like a better option, you always remain vulnerable to after-sales service.

2. Professionalism

A web designing company always hires professional and qualified employees on whom they can count. Companies follow specific templates and frames with proper methods and strategies to meet the expectations of their customers. A freelancer may be a guy who is working two jobs, doesn’t have enough time to streamline the process, and might not have the time or the necessary skill set to complete a complex project.

A company can always provide various solutions, as it has team members with different skill sets to overcome any hiccups. The companies have more funds and resources for better services, while it may not be the case with a freelancer.

3. Productivity

In a company, each team member is part of well-running machinery with a particular task. These tasks are what an individual team member has mastered. The jobs are integrated, and the goals are completed collaboratively. The freelancer is probably working alone and is a jack of all trades.

An agency with the same number of employees is far more productive. It has a team working on a project; the workload is shared based on skillset. It helps them reach their deliverables on time most likely.

An agency is more accountable for delivering the project within the turnaround time than a freelancer.

The designing company has multiple team members to take on various projects. A freelancer may finish the job within the specified period, but the quality may remain in question as it may suffer due to overwhelming projects.

An organization is like a library. It has, when combined, a massive wealth of information.

4. Collaborative work

The professional firms conduct a team meeting. The team discusses the deadlines and goals, and everyone brainstorms how it can be done effectively. Each member provokes the best ideas.

Furthermore, a designing firm has multi-channels for after-sales support. It’s their primary business and revenue. They will not abandon you and are always there for you. Whereas, for the freelancer, it may be a hobby or one of the jobs and may not be available for you.

Moreover, a firm provides the world-class product and expertise you can utilize to shape your business to the best. A team gives you well-planned, elegant, smooth, and appealing solutions for the issue.

As mentioned earlier, we have covered some aspects of dealing with both; we would like to be biased towards web designing for apparent reasons. However, the right solution is the one that fits your need.

Hiring a web design agency makes more sense if budget isn’t an issue and you have a somewhat complex or feature-rich website to build. Freelancers may be the way to go if you want to create a simple one-page website and are on a shoestring budget.

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