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What is Web Development?

Web development services fundamentally mean the work that you do as a web developer for building a website for a private network or the World Wide Web. A website is a powerful tool that is capable of representing an idea, a single person, a company, a service, or a product, and many more things that people want to represent.

Web Development activity can be simple and complex. It is simple if you choose to make the simplest single page meanwhile it is complex if you decide to make web-based internet applications, e-businesses, and many social network services.

In general, web development refers to web engineering, web design, web content development and management, and so on. Web Development, in other words, is the creation of a content management system by using open-source. The content management system acts as a bridge between the database and the user through the browser.

Web content commonly includes text and embedded graphics, photo, video, audio, maps, and the program code that displays content and interact with users. The content management system supports the management of these web contents and also the modification of these contents as per the necessity.

The web development team can vary according to organizations and companies. For large organizations and businesses, the web development team can consist of chains of hundreds of people working under management while small businesses and organizations may require only one developer.

Moreover, you can find three kinds of developers: front-end developers who deal with the layout and visuals, back-end developers who deal with the functionality of the website to collect the data and full-stack developers who work on server, network, and hosting environment and so on.

Web Development as a Business

Web development has emerged as a growing business and industry in the present scenario. The rapid growth of this industry is due to the developers wishing people to use their website to serve the clients and support people’s businesses through their websites.

Also, the number of web developers is increasing day by day as many web development software such as Adobe Dreamweaver, BlueGriffon is easy to use with little knowledge of HTML. If you have an interest in web development, then you can start on your own to develop the websites that provide web development services to your client, but for that, you need to have certain knowledge about web development software and HTML.

Web development services are the tools that help people to develop websites for supporting their businesses. The websites are very helpful to advertise the products or services of any company, details about the product, and many more things that directly or indirectly help to enhance the businesses.

There are many companies and groups which help people to create websites providing their web development services. The services provided by these groups may be different according to the groups and teams. The general web development services provided by other developer groups include Website Design, development, project management, information architecture, and technical support required, and many more.

What should you do to improve or start your own web development services?

If you are a web enthusiast and want to start your own web development service, then you can use the following tips as a suggestion. The detail about the web development services are discussed here you need to take care of while making or developing the websites for others and for yourself too.

Majorities of the web developers offer the following list of web development services to their clients to develop new web pages or websites:

  • Planning and management
  • Information Architecture
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Usability testing
  • Training and support

Every website-making purpose is directed by the management processes which allows them to create and launch a successful website. The process involved or services that are provided to make new websites are explained in brief below.

Planning and management

The first thing you should do while creating a website for other people is to understand the goals and needs of those particular people. What type of website they want and what is their main target? You can help the people to refine the goals and target audience.

After you make sure of the target of the website you can give an overview of the content management system and available modules. You can make a plan about the content that is to be involved, content management system to be used, time to finish the project, and manage according to that.

After these things are done, then you can prepare the project agreement to deal with your client and move forward.

Information Architecture

The Information Architecture of the site you are going to make is an important thing to be considered. You can organize a separate working session to finalize the information architecture of the website. Information Architecture lays out the primary structure of the site’s content and navigation process.

According to that you can sort out the technical requirement and estimate the work required to do to create a new website. You can create a nonworking module or prototype so that the client can suggest you the changes and modification that are to be done according to their wish. Then only you can move forward with the design process.


After you finalize the architecture of the website now, it is time to create a design based on the needs and style preferences of your client. The first thing that attracts the people navigating the website is the design of the webpage. So you need to focus on making an attractive display design for the website.

The color combination, font size, and font type, iconography is preferred in the design process. The way to display the content, different photographs, and other icons are fixed through the design process. The design expert from your group can be employed to fix the design job of the website. You can suggest to your client about the design that is most effective and fixes according to the client’s wish.

Development and Implementation

Once the design process is finished, now you should implement it into the content management system, blog system, or mobile framework. You should first prioritize implementing the module that your client has requested.

If the module suggested by your client is not suitable for the design chose then you can suggest the suitable module and implement it according to the design of the site. You need to remember that the content management system is the most important part and you should always focus to use the best module for the types of content to be shown on the website.

Testing and Delivery

After the development and implementation of the content module now you can move forward to the testing process. You can test the webpage in various browsers. You do review if the website meets the requirements. If the requirements are not met, then you can either modify the content management system or information architecture.

If the website requirements are met, then you move the site from a development area to a live production server or simply you can handover the website to the client. The content will be managed by the client, and you need to take care of the system and server.

These are the basic things you need to take care of while you are creating the web pages or providing web development services to the client.

Hope you gained some ideas to improve the web development service you have been providing to your client or if you are new, then you gained much more information about web development and web development services.

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