Visual trends in website design 2020

Next year, a few things will be brand new and remain entirely the same. So here are some website design trends that might inspire your 2018 website design.

The return of depth and the death of flat design

Flat design has been dying a potential death over the past few times, and real designers are interested in putting the design back into web design. We are not discussing completely restoring skeuomorphic design but applying overlapping design elements, definite shadows, and beautiful illustrations. In addition, the usage of depth gives a site dimension and will be used to drag the viewer to particular design areas.

Socially and genuinely accountable photography

Hero images and sliders are going away this time. Although we understand that some will insist they stay, sliders are unsuitable for conversions, and we must all step up and tell our customers. 2017 noted an entire year of social and political changes, and with sliders, you can see a rise in those who know the requirement to be socially responsible for their sites and social media sites.

On websites, photography is taking a turn to be more open, dynamic, and raw and delivers by speaking volumes with a single image, its message of ethical fairness. If stock or professional photos, there can be a wide diversity of images out there that runs well for this sort of social balance.

Statement collages

A blend of illustrations and images can be used to build unique site design descriptions. This design exposes itself to unbelievable creativity, and designers are filled with thoughts. Collages as a mode of communication have been around for ages, and you will see an entirely new medium of creativeness with graphic designers as they tend to make sites get noticed and stand out.

Unexpected and bold typography

Bold and big typography was successful in 2017 and remains attractive throughout 2018. You will notice the mix and match of sans serif and serif fonts to generate emotion and movement inside designs. The small sort will be left for the descriptions, and negative space will be more prominent.


SVG and GIF animations have been in demand over the past few years. The following year will not be an exception to this rule. Fun and subtle animation that does not distract from conversion or function will be the objective and most likely peak in 2018.

Stand out call-to-action

Ghost buttons were all the rage as they blended effortlessly into any design scheme a few years ago. They were quiet and simple and still gave the viewer a place to put a link without damaging a design. As per studies, ghost buttons did not get an equal amount of action as their contrasting counterparts, buttons. Do not hide those buttons but show them off.

Vintage designs and 80s style

It seemed to be only yesterday, but the 80s style now is called vintage. I think the 80s get a few more years before they are genuinely vintage technically, but the loud and fun patterns are coming back in style and will continue to spark website design in 2018.

Videos as communication

Videos are growing their popularity, and you will find them used in various ways in 2018. Videos are not used for introductions, but you will find them used for other website pages such as instructional pages, answers to frequently asked questions, live streams, and short-lived and changing commercials.

Videos trending in 2108 are impressing viewers with their communicative presentation and branding style. You will see real people in real surroundings and workplaces communicating and interacting.

Gradients, Organic shapes, duo tones, and courageous color choices

Straight lines are out, and organic forms are very much in style. Broken grid layouts and beautiful curves are standard and will continue pushing the limits of website design and development this year. Text and images will float appropriately according to aesthetic design and not conflict with the function. The colors stay vibrant and bright.

The combination will be practiced to produce compelling results that make the design attractive while leading the visitor to stay on the site. Gradients in funky colors will be big as duotone images, and background choices in different colors can be used to build compelling reports. Neon color options will continue to be popular, but you will also see the use of dark earthy tones that maintain negative space and saturate in a warm and inviting way. Moving forward

2018 will not be a year of trial and error but also a year where website design shifts to improve how we think of our observers concentrating on website design.

This trend will drive the creative sides of both developers and designers. If your site requires a facelift or if your small company is ready for a new site and is just getting off the ground, Crazymediadesigns can help create the perfect website for you.

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