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For any business to be successful, people must know what your business actually is and what it really does. That is where marketing comes into play. Marketing is essential even for a pre-established business to ensure the loyalty of their clients. Marketing is the tool that brings an organization, its products, and services to the sight of potential customers.

Hence, increasing your chance to make new customers. Marketing is a must to create a brand name and for product recognition. You know the importance of marketing, let’s take a look at the 10 most popular, useful, and effective marketing blogs that can help your organization to generate an insane amount of recognition and revenue.

Note that these sites are not ranked in order but are simply the best among their category.

Seth Godin’s blog

This blog belongs to Seth Godin, a marketing guru, a CEO, a public speaker, and also a successful author of 18 books including the bestsellers “The Dip”, “Unleashing the Ideavirus”  and “All marketers are liars”. The time magazine included his blog on the 25 best blogs of 2009.

His interest extends out from simple product marketing to how people can better sell themselves along with their ideas. His bits of advice are not just theoretical concepts but are very much applicable in real life; tested and verified by people. In his blog, you can find content about marketing yourself for your future endeavors, about authenticity, false averages, competition, and so on.

He says that he could have done a lot of things such as creating videos or podcasts, but if he had done those things he would not have the blog that he has today and his blog is only one of that sort. It is a definite go-to blog to learn how a good story can trump the balance sheets in the real marketing battle.


Kissmetrics blog is all about data analytics, marketing, and testing. Kissmetrics is one of the best tools to analyze and assess your business. In their blog, you can learn a lot about online marketing as they have useful content about marketing techniques that are data and analysis-driven such as sales automation.

They also give you insightful Infographics and conduct webinars to make you a data-driven marketer.


In this blog, you can find intuitive ideas and inspirations for present-day marketers. From this clan of marketing Ninjas, you can learn the techniques to sell faster and better.

Their articles vary from Revolutionary opinions about their niche to the simple, helpful, and instructional “How to” about selling.


You can find many blogging and social media-related marketing blogs, but there is relatively much less in the sector of email marketing. Email marketing can be a headache, and that is where Vero comes to the rescue.

This blog’s specialization is the sector of email marketing. You can expect to learn about innovative approaches regarding email marketing.


You may be familiar with Buffer. It is a scheduling tool that enables you to schedule social media posts throughout the day. Their blog contains a lot of information on not just marketing but also on developing a strong business.

They have posts that are known to be well-researched and suit audience needs. Definitely a good choice to sharpen your marketing skills


This blog emphasizes more on inbound and SEO marketing. SEO is one of the vital aspects of marketing and deeply affects Multiple channels. This blog has the potential to speed up your ranking process in very little time. Their blog is also well known to be providing tips and tricks on SEO. After all, SEO is mostly about those tweaks.

You can gain tons of good stuff. Let’s not forget that they give you a multitude of free tools to analyze the performance of your site.


Adweek is an advertising Publication that Gives you the news about some outstanding works of branding and Advertising agencies to ever exist and also covers the most viral ad campaigns. If you are in the phase to generate some good marketing ideas, then this is the best place to look up to for inspiration.

You can take a peek at the inner circle of Giant Brands and get information about how some of the world’s most innovative and interesting marketing strategies were created.


When it comes to content marketing, Copyblogger is hands down, the most popular and informative blog. These Titans in the field of content marketing and blog writing have very useful articles about the art of content creation and marketing.

The things you get from this site can prove to be powerful Ammo for any blogger.


Optimization of conversion rates is the bullseye for conversion XL. This blog is by the people who know the ins and outs of conversion and have great ideas on how you can skyrocket the conversion rate. Here you can learn about practical and useful ways, principles, and factors that bring you game-changing conversion rates.


Social media is not just a piece of cake. It can be a real pain in the ass for many entrepreneurs and business owners. This blog provides you with a solution for just that. HootSuite is rich with content that helps you figure out social media and its loopholes that you can use to your advantage.

Hootsuite arms you with tips and tricks to be a boss in social media and dominate the field. From Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat, they cover it all. This is the best blog for social media marketing.

Duct tape marketing

It is an excellent option for small business owners and new aspiring entrepreneurs where they can learn the ABC of marketing. The knowledge of your products and services alone is simply not enough in this world of tough competition.

You can find ideas for Boosting your website traffic and choosing the right marketing channels that are an exact fit for your business to optimize business ultimately.

New Mentions

SERP University

Recently, I stumbled upon SERP University. They have some amazing articles with actionable insights. They also have comprehensive tutorials.

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